1st Battalion 12th Marines

1) Greg G Weaver Sgt/usmc ---64/68
Whiskey btry 1st btn 12 th marines 4.2 mortars
rvn 2/66to9/67 127 days at conthien


good work,,,,thanks hidein out in alaska

2) Michael Hoskins
Charlie Battery, 1st Battalion, 12th Marines, 3rd Marine Division
1967-1968 Gio Linh March 13, 1967-April 27,1967


I would like to talk to you concerning your historical account of March 20, 1967. I am, at this moment, attempting to gather historiccal information concerning the above mentioned night. There is some conflict wether there was one or two NVA batteries firing that night. As you know, we fought from around 6:00PM until 2:00AM in the morning when the NVA battery was located to our northeast. We, as a battery fired 90 rounds into their position which silenced the artillery and created secondary explosions on the northeast horizon. It is belived to have been the first battery to battery duel since the Vietnamese war with the French. We have State side news paper clipings noting the same. April 27th was a completly different matter as they had redeployed 15-19 guns, all in different locations, some out of our range, so we could not concentrate fire without being exposed to the other guns.Charlie Battery suffered heavy casualities that night and your participation in return fire wasand still is noted by us. The first night, March 20th, is again believed to have been inside the five mile buffer you posess to avoid your weapons. Please contact me, I have much research info and have more coming, one from a source I think you will find very interesting. Thanks guys for your courage and for standing with us at Gio Linh. Former Marine Sergeant Michael Hoskins Charlie Battery 1/12 3rd Mar Div

W 1/12

good site, would like to here from anyone from w 1/12 nov67-dec68 Twiggie you still out there?

4)  Hammond DEAN,Jr
Whiskey Btry. 1st.Bn.12th.Mar.3rdMar.Div.


Catching up with who I can find, after all these years.Semper Fidelis !!

5)  Terry Buss
Charlie Battery 1st Battalion, 12th Marines


I served with c/1/12 from apr 66 to 67.  I was on gun two while at  camp caroll and gio lihn, I can remmber that all us marines had for light were candles at caroll and everytime the army 175 fired they would put our candles out.

mostly interested in the gio lihn and camp caroll sites


6)  Greg Ladesich
1st.8" Howitzer Battery(USMC)12th.Marines
July 67'to Aug.68'


I was at Gio Linh,Cam Lo,C-1 and A-3

7)   Bob Redmon
 July 65 to july 66

love to hear from the "old corps" guys in A-1-12 and F-2-11. Wrightman, Cox, Perez, Pulatini, and all the others.


To Combined Arty Units I Corps Viet Nam

Posted after 5/5

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