HHB 2nd Bn / 94th Artillery Metro Section

Dong Ha - APO 96269

Danang - APO 96349

108th Field Artillery Group

(assigned to 3rd Marine Division)

24th Corps Artillery

(assigned to I Corps)


1970 Service Roster




LTC James N. Hale                (Battalion Cmdr - upon arrival)

LTC Edward G. Brantley                (Battalion Cmdr - relieved Hale)

LTC John Oates                    (Battalion Cmdr - relieved Brantley)

MAJ ??? Ferguson                (Bn XO)

MAJ James Laslie, Jr.                (Bn XO - relieved Ferguson)

CPT Steven R. Hooker                (HHBattery Cmdr - upon arrival)

CPT Larry Witherspoon                (HHBatter Cmdr - relieved Hooker)

CPT Neil Sobansky                  (HHBattery Cmdr - relieved Witherspoon)

CWO2 ??? Murray   (Metro on arrival)

CWO Charles Beyersdorf                 (Metro - relieved Murray)

CWO Stephenson                  (Metro - relieved Beyersdorf)

CPT M. Spiegelman                (Medical Corps)




SFC ??? Gregorie                  (Section Chief on arrival)

Rickey Martin                       (Section Chief - relieved Gregorie)

SFC ??? Atwell                     (Section Chief - relieved R. D. Martin)

Roy Lilly

Richard DeSantis

James Walker

Juan Riviera

Calvin E. Marshall

Dale Landon

David (John) Henderson

Ron Berry

Jerry Brown (Tech)

Jerry Flory

Arturo Fuentes

William Sadler

John (Jack) Mahon

Steve Kinnal

Jerry Bottiger

Ken Soules

Don Tschirhart

John Dick

Steve Stevenson

??? (Gook) Simonich

??? (White Rabbit)

John (?) Robinson


Motor Pool:

Cpl Patrick Mooney 

Sgt Arthur W. Primas



Barbara (A Btry 2/94th  - Gun breach blew on 29 Apr 1970)




Camp Evans                          (Upon assignment to 2/94th )

Dong Ha Combat Base       (Moved in 24 Feb 1970)

Camp JJ Carrol                      (Temp assignment - East of Dong Ha - Ground attacked  2 Apr 1970)

Camp J. E. Love                    (Danang - September)

Camp Eagle                           (6 day relief after hit by sappers)



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Rick's Brief History in Republic of Vietnam


Arrived Bien Hoa at Ton Son Hut Airport 4 Mar 1970.

Proceeded to Dong Ha via Nha Trang, Qui Nhon, Danang

Joined HHB 2/94th Metro Unit

Temp relief of Metro unit at Camp Evans, an Airborne base, on 8Mar 1970 to 10 Apr 1970

FSB Nancy (3 days)

Rocket and mortar attacks 1-8 May 1970 at Dong Ha Combat Base.

FSB Barbara from 16 Apr 1970 to 15 May 1970  (175mm Gun breach failed…2 killed, 3 others wounded)

3 Day in country R & R at Red Beach (???) during July 1970

R & R in Hawaii at Fort De Russey from 23 Aug 1970 to 29 Aug 1970

Moved unit to Camp Love in Danang 10-13 Sept 1970 with all Batteries operational by 2 Oct 1970, in support Marine 1st Division and Americal Division.

Inspector General inspection: 3 Sep 1970

Article 15, UCMJ on 9 Nov 1970

DROS'ed Stateside 1 Jan 1971 via Cam Rhan Bay.

Honorably discharged 4 Jan 1971



Trivia, Terms and Acronyms

MO: 93F20 (Metro)

Vietcong Leader: Ho Chi Minh

NVA Commander:  Gen. Giap

NVA Unit in region: 20th Regiment of 325th and 325th Combat Division

Charlie: Vietcong

ARVN: Army of the Republic of Vietnam

MAAG: Military Aid and Assistance Group

MACV: Military Assistance Command, Vietnam

President of Republic: Gen. ?? Thieu

Money name: piastores

Commanding Generals of US Forces:  Gen. Creighton Abrams & then Gen. William Westmoreland

US President: Richard Nixon

ARVN Commander of I Corps: Lt. Gen. Hoang Xuan Lam

ARVN Commanding General of all forces: Gen. Cao Van Vien

HHBattery moved back to Dong Ha 24 Jan 1971…afterward giving Arty support to operations in Laos.