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1)  WILLIAM C White
B Btry 7/13 th Arty 66/67 1st Field Forces/ 1st Bn 39th Arty 1971 JJ Caroll
1966/67/ 1971/72

Went over by boat with the 13th in Oct 66 and in June 67 went to the 2/4th Arty 9th Inf Div until Oct 67. Went back in Aug 1971 and went to the 39th Arty and stayed up around the DMZ until Jan72 and then went to the 1st Cav at Ben Hoa and lived the life of riley untell I came home in Jun.

2)  Kenneth Owen
 HHB/B Btry, 1-39 FA
  March 1970 to March 1971

Joined Battalion in March, two days before battalion commander lost at Firebase Barbara. Moved to Firebase Nancy in early April; overrun by NVA Sapper battalion the following week -- HHB, SVC and B batteries earned Valorous Unit Award for that action. Asst S-3/S-2 (S-3 for short time) March to September. Commanded B Battery September to March 1971. Took Battery (as separate battery attached to 108th Group HQ) on Lam Son 719. Gave up command/DEROSed from near the old LaoBao prison on the border at Laos.

3)  SFC Michael Gilmartin
HHS/1-39 FA (MLRS) Bn FDC Chief, A Btry/94th
12 May 00 to present

Hello fellow Redlegs. I am currently assigned to 1-39 FA. I am trying to collect as much history of the battalion as possible. The battalion activated on 14 June 00 as a part of the 3rd IN Div at Fort Stewart. I have access to unit crests for the 13th and 39th FA, as well as selected other FA units. Would be willing to e-mail any information I have to anyone wanting it. SPEED IN ACTION!

4) EDWIN E. ALBERT                                                                                 Edwin's Pics

175mm gun 1st 39 fa b btry 24 corps then 101 airborne. fb sally, nancy, charlie 1 and a few more. looking for any one I served with.

5) Chris Monteleon

 2/94, 1/39, 108th Gp

2/94, AUG '69 - DEC '69: FO/FDO/XO
1/39, JAN '71 - FEB '71: REMF



This website is a discovery! Will have to get a scanner...have pics some of you might like to see.

  6) John T. Nunn
A Btry/1/39 arty I corps


would love to find pics and information of my unit while there

7)  CSM Ken (Slim) Keogh,ret.
B BTRY 2/138 Gun 6, B BRTY 1/39 Gun 3
Jul 69/Jul 70


FSB Tomahawk, Quick I, Quick II, Phu Bia, FSB Bastonge, FSB Nancy, FSB Barbara. Still trying to find anyone during this time frame. Rolling Thunder in DC every year.

B-2/138 B-1/39
7-'69----9-'69 9-'69----7-'70


9)  Dan LA Combe
Headquarters Batt 1st 39th arty
July 70 july 71


I was with the 1st 39th arty Headquarters battery as a field wireman. spent 50 some days at Khe Sahn during operation dewy canyon 2 or Lom son719. Iam life member of chapter 237 VVA and also a member of  Khe Sahn veterans . I was in Nam From july70 to july71.

10)  Donald A Smith
1/39 artillery Heavy Artillery
aug.1970 -aug.1971


Lets talk,I was on Mt.Barbara,Camp Carroll,Alpa 4.I was Sargent SMITH.Some called me Missouri Ridge Runner.Would like to here from everyone.

11)  Robert L.
SVC BTRY 1st/39th FA
Apr1 1970-Sept. 1970

I relieved sp5 White who lost his legs Apr. 13 1970. If you anything about the expediter m79 thumper please e-mail.

 i was at firebase nancy in april of 1970 when it was overrun.  would like to know if anyone can remember my getting wounded by schrap metal in the left knee.

12) Kenneth Port
A Battery 1/39th Artillery
1/70 to 3/71


Came from Alaska

I'm trying to find dates when Fire Base Nancy was over run,When A Battery was attacked at Rakkason and when B Battery went on hip shoot and the 3/4 ton hit a mine and the 101st.Medic was killed! Thanks a lot.


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