1st. Bn. 11th Marines 1st Marine Division


1)  Bob Myles
Alpha Battery 1st. Bn. 11th Marines 1st Marine Division
Nov. 70-Aug 71


Would like to link up with any one that served in Alpha 1/11. Any dates are fine. We are planning a Reunion in June/July 2004.  We had one in Memphis in May of this year.  16 former cannon cockers made it. Hope to have twice as many next time.  Semper Fi.  Bob

2)  Michael Bilby
1/11 Whiskey & 1/11 Tango - 
3/12 Papa Battery 155 mm
1/68 - 11/68


Would like to find anyone who served with me in Whiskey or Tango.

3)  James Gamble
B 1/11 comm/wire
Feb 71-Feb 72

Hill 55 and back to Las Pulgas


To Combined Arty Units I Corps Viet Nam

Posted after 5/5

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