1st Battalion 321st Artillery  101st Airborne


1)  Roger Ables                                                   Roger's Poems
HHB 1/321, 101st Abn
Apr '69- Apr '70

Great Site. I am corresponding with a lady who is looking for anyone who served with the 320th between Nov '70-Nov '71 who might have known her deceased brother Greg. If you were with this battalion then please contact me. Thanks and I am glad we made it home. My best to all.

I was with the 321st Arty, 101st Airborne (Airmobile). By the way, the 321st was a glider Battalion in WWII.  I started off in April of 1969 at FSB Whip which was located in the southern A Shau Valley. Moved around Thua Thien Province a little, FSB’s Birmingham and Bastogne, but spent most of my time at LZ Sally.  I was in Battalion FDC.

2)  George Whitehouse
B 1/321st Srty

3)  Dan Painter
A ,1/321st,101st ,airmobile

4)  Leonard C. Wilson
1/321 arty opcon to 3rd ARVN Regt.


I also worked with C 1/502 grunts I remember R Ables at hhb fdc my call sign was 21 uniform delta. My initials are Lima Charley Whiskey Welcome Home!!

5)  Eddie Lewin
C, 1/321& C, HHQ 2/320 FA


Welcome home to all Nam Bro's. Find your buddies, and lets get them all back inside the wire. Xin Loi, charlie.....!

6)  William Perry
C/1/ 321,
1/67 to 12/ 68


C Btry from 1/67 to 5/68, to 2/320 5/68 to 12/68

7)  Stan Collins
B- Battery, 1st of the 321st Artillery, 101 ABN
Feburay 1969 - April 1970


I was first assigned to Firebase T-bone 105s before the batteries were sent to Firebase Whip in the southern A Shau valley. We remained there from the time Whip was cut in to the time it was dismantled. A lot of action took place during that period. We were then transferred to Firebase Roy and in about 2 more months I ended up at division headquarters at Camp Eagle.

8)  Leonard C. Wilson
HHB 1/321st Arty.
March 69 - March 70

opcon to C 1/502 inf. then to 3rd ARVN Regt. I am not afraid to die but i am tired of not living. PTSD hypertension agoraphobia 17 day stay at Seattle VA Hospital PTSD ward is a good thing to do. I highly recommend it.



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