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New 2001 "In-Print" Retired Military Personnel
Handbook Now Available!

Attention All Military Units:
We have quantity discounts available for this all-new
publication and are now accepting bulk orders for it!

For 2001, the Retired Military Personnel Handbook has been
We were able to keep the price at $9.95 for 2001 because of
The high demand for this publication. This Brand New 2001
In-Print publication is specifically written for all
military personnel and retirees and is designed to guide
you through every aspect of your retirement, explaining
what benefits you may qualify for and how to get them, as
well as providing a context for making many of the important
decisions that lie ahead. Take a look a just some of what's
in this brand new comprehensive handbook:

Contains a new legislative wrap-up section explaining
important legislation enacted in 2000, including significant
revisions to veteran's benefits and military health care

Explains what "Tricare for life" is and what retirees should
do now to prepare for it.

Gives you the important changes in prescription drug policies.

Explains how the newly expanded retiree dental coverage
program and the revised dependent eligibility rules affect you.

Spells out the latest in Medicare treatment options.
Gives you a completely updated listing of VA medical facilities.
Outlines an objective look at the latest in retiree health care
demonstration projects.

Updates you with the latest Social Security payment rates and
policy changes.

Gives you an extensive look at the upcoming Long-Term Care
benefit program, considerations for deciding whether to buy
LTC coverage and tips on evaluating nursing home options.

Gives you the latest premiums, benefit rates and revisions as
well as contact addresses and phone numbers.

Retired pay and benefits-how these changes affect you
Disability retirement-qualifying, compensation, implications
Social Security-eligibility and requirements
Re-employment with the Government-the veterans' advantage
Financial planning-maximizing your retirement income
Taxes in retirement-minimizing your tax burden
Medicare-eligibility and coverage
Military retiree health care-new Tricare vs. old Champus
Tricare dental benefits-what's covered and what's not
VA health benefits-eligibility and facilities
Survivor benefits-spouses and family members, divorce
VA retirement compensation-types and how much
Life insurance-USGLI, VSLI and other Government plans
Other VA programs-assistance with loans, income,
education, etc.
Long-term care insurance-what to look for, how to buy it
And much, much more!

"The 2001 Retired Military Personnel Handbook is a perfect
tool to be used as a reference guide for the entire military
Don Mace
Publisher, Armed Forces News

The cost of The 2001 Retired Military Personnel Handbook is
still only $9.95 plus $3.50 S&H. You may order it online by
going to our publications section of our website:
http://www.armedforcesnews.com or by calling our 24 hour
toll-free order line (888)333-9335. You may also mail your
order in with payment to: FEDweek, P.O. Box 71900, Richmond,
VA, 23255.

** Bulk order buyers please go to our publications section
of our website to view the bulk discounts or call our order
line (888)333-9335 and one of our representatives will give
them to you. **

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