3d 8" Howitzer Btry  -  Marines


1)  Tom Scott Sgt. USMC
3d 8" howitzer btry
Feb.67-March 68

I served with 3d 8" in viet nam in chu lai from feb 67 till june 67. We then moved to An hoa and was there till I left in March 68. Would like to here from other that servied during this time. I have tried to fined sgt.Ford, Sanders and Ed Snodgrass. If you see this e-mail me or if anyone knows them let me know.

2)  T. J. Szura
3rd 8" How. btry.
2/66 to 9/67 and 2/69 to 9/70


Made the landing in Chu Li and left by the freedom bird out of Da Nang. I would like to get in touch with cannon cockers that remember.

3)  John Papale (beasley)
3rd 8" guns hill 34

To Combined Arty Units I Corps Viet Nam

Posted after 5/5

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