3rd 175mm Gun Btry(SP),1st Mar Div


1)  Sgt.Jim Schmidt
3rd 175mm Gun Btry(SP),1st Mar Div, Comm

I was with the guns at Lz Ross,and An Hoa. Was radio section chief.  Great bunch of guys but haven't found many.  I landed in the Nam the day Neil Armstrong Landed on the moon.

2)  Gary Prince
3rd 175 gun battery (sp) 1st Mar. Div.
January 1968 to March 1969

Started out in Da Nang. After two months I went to An Hoa and spent the remainder of my time. I was NCOIC of the motor pool. Would love to hear from somone and talk.

3)  Cpl George N Plumlee
3rd 175 mm Gun Btry
Dec 69 - Oct 70


Came to the Nam in Dec 69 and was assigned to 3rd Guns as a Field Artillery Btryman. After 3 months I was then transferred to the office to work as a files clerk then was sent to Camp Hansen in Okinawa for Embarkation school. Became the embarkation NCO for the btry and came back to the states with it on the USS Denver. Was stationed with the btry at 29 Palms until discharged.

To Combined Arty Units I Corps Viet Nam

Posted after 5/5

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