3rd Battalion 16th Artillery


1)  Joe Alexander
Btry C 3/16th
May-Nov 1969


Wondering why our unit was not listed? Would like to hear from any of the guys I served with on Ross, Baldy,Fat City, Hou Duc, etc. Welcome home men!

2)  Donnie Bernhardt
HQ 3/16th Arty
June-67 thru June 68


Was in artillery survey in HQ Battery but was also with counter mortar and rocket program protecting the Chu Lai AirBase

3)  Don Cavanaugh
HHB 2/11 101 Abn. Divison,  3/16 /survey
Nov 66-Dec 67


I went over on the USS Patrick from Ft. Campbell. Was trained in survey but worked in FDC. Went to 3/16 half way through tour. Just wanted to see if everyone made it home.


To Combined Arty Units I Corps Viet Nam

Posted after 5/5

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