4th Battalion 12th Marines


1)  Jerry G
K Battery, 4th Bn, 12th Marines

M109's Camp Caroll, Alpha 3, Rockpile, Charlie 2, etc. All the usual places. K/4/12 has a web site http://users.aol.com/gman755/k412/k412.html All welcome. Keep your powder dry and Semper Fi..

2) Jerry West
K-4-12 & E-2-12, USMC
Dec. 66 to July 67


 FIRE BASE NOOTKA  http://www.island.net/~record/menus/rvn.html

Served in comm section with K-4-12 in DaNang in 65-66 and as an FO with E-2-12 at Camp Carrol, Phu Bai, Camp Evans and Cam Lo in 1966-67. Later was an organizer in the GI Anti-War movement in 1970 while stationed at MCAS Iwakuni.

3) Gary Landmark
L 4/12
May 67- Sept. 69

4) Duane Wacha                                               Duane's Pics
4th Bn/12th Marines FDC
June 67 to August 69

Phu Bai, Camp Carroll,Rockpile Like to hear from you guys. Shot over!!

5)  Mike Irwin (Surf)
HQ 4/12 and K/4/12 FDC
October 1965 to April 1967


1964 MCRD San Diego w/Beaver Platoon (356)Oregon's State animal. Good name huh. Surfer wannabe w/Rick Redman out of Long Island. Glenn Steichen WA State. 1965 RVN w/Dick Shore, Florida, Sam McClelland New Orleans and Toot from Boston. Home April 1967 Any Brother out there?

6)  Cpl Steve Starkovich
bravo 1bn 13 marines, k-4-12-marines
may 1966 to june 1967


looking for some of the guys that served with me

7) Sgt Robert E. Dunbar
Kilo Btry 4Th Bnth 12Th Marines
Sept 67-Oct-68



Looking for some old buddies from Camp JJ. Caroll from gun 4#Mybe they will remember me I had my father come up from Tuy-Ho he was in the AirForce.Served on 155 self propell.Looking to hear from Paul or Scotte.Thans for the great web site and Welcome Home.

8)  Benny F. Carpenter
Lima 4/12 FDC ops chief
aug68 - sept69



looking for pictures of capt smith, lt horn, capt adams ssgt mose hooks or any pictures that were taken at the rockpile or C-2.  Happy to pay for any pictures out there. Gysgt carpenter U.S.M.C retired

9)  Stephen Ashworth
HQ. 4Btn. 12th Reg.
Feb.68 to Dec.68


Dong Ha, Camp Carroll

10)  S/Sgt. Don Embleton
K Battery, 4th Bn, 12th Marines, Gun-1 Gun-5
Sept.12,1967 to Dec.4, 68


Capt. Sullivan's Shooting Shamrocks, M109sp Camp JJ Carroll, C-1,C-2,RockPile,Con Thien,Delta-5 Khe Sanh with 13th Marines Was on Gun 5 and latter Gun 0ne our loan Army M109sp when the NVA 75mm howt. hit our Ammo Bunker with 2 men inside. Also with Doc. Wean at Rockpile. Received a Combat Promotion on Nov.10 the Marine Corps. Birthday, I think we were at C-1 or Con Thien. Rotated Back to States On Dec.4 Im thinking of a Veterans Trip this Summer back to Vietnam for some closure. Like to hear from my Brothers out There. Semper Fi.

11)  Sgt. Larry Wilson UCMC
Kilo Btry. 4th Bn. 12th Marines, 9th MAB, 3rd Marine Division
February 68 - March 1969


I went to 1/13 at Khe Sanh when I first got in country. Shortly thereafter I went to K4/12 while it was still under 9th MAB and opcon to the Thirteenth Marines We were a bastard unit just like 2/4. I worked on the guns, FDC, XO pit, and as F.O. on convoys. I was with Kilo at Camp Carroll, Con-Thien, Rockpile, A-3, Mi-Loc, C-2, and Dong Ha. I am still looking for lost brothers! Alot of Kilo Marines are back together and having great reunions. Semper Fi.

12)  Pat Hixon
aug - oct 1969

i was at the rockpile on gun#1 till 3rd mar div was leaving vn the last time for okinowa. i finished my one year tour with a 105mm battery, h/3/11. rotated mid aug '70. would like to hear from anyone who wants to talk to me.


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