5th Bn 22nd Arty

1) John Gray
5th. Bn. 22nd Arty B company

Base Camp was AN KHE then the home of the Cav.  Afew of the places I have had time to vist were sunny Bam Me Thout , LZ English, and FB Tom.  I didn't see that on your list of fire bases.   Tom was more by the DMZ. Camp Evans.Tet (68)
I was in the 5th.Battalion 22nd Artillery. (B) I haven't been able to find many guy's I was with, or even many that was with my


Where did they all go?

2)  Ssgt Donnie Tennis Ret.
b batt. 5/22 bonnie sect.
june 68-july 69

i was at ban me thout. went to dak to a few times la trang for quartly maint.i was the gun driver the whole time.served with randal smith charles bergman,huber ronald reagin.been trying to get in touch with some these guys.

3)  Mike Pearson
a btry. 5/22nd. sect. 1, 8-in. (blind obedience)

fire mission, mike white (a.g.), billy shaw (tailman) professor( powder man) f.n.g. (jo humpper)  and all the others, where are you???????????

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