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      RE:      Nationwide Petition Drive

Dear Legal Professionals:

Please excuse us if we might have sent our petition to you previously.

On March 13, 2001, our founder Jeff Trueman, was afforded the honor to speak
at the Cox Commission's hearing on the 50th Anniversary of the Uniform Code
of Military Justice (UCMJ).  We believe this was an honor and major
historical event that we believe our presentation spoke on behalf of many,
whose voices have been silenced with respect to injury or injustice arising
from active duty military service.   Of course, we believe it surrounds the
"chilling effects" of the "Feres Doctrine."

It is important for all Americans to see and hear the issues presented at
Commission.  However, even more important is the opinions of attorneys at
with regard to our quest to reform this doctrine.  For the record, we do not
intend to advocate reform of the "incident to service bar" arising from
combat injuries or death. (That issue is being address with reform of the
VA.)    However, with regard to intentional torts, legal and medical
malpractice issues ... this is our objective.

The below is a link to our nationwide petition.  We think its overall intent
and the comments of others say it all.

The Nationwide Petition Drive To Reform/Repeal The Feres Doctrine

The Cox Commission hearing report will be filed with the President and
Congress in June 2001.  If we are to obtain a Congressional hearing to
address the "Feres Doctrine" and the abuses that arise from this "bad law",
we feel in addition to several attorneys and doctors who already signed the
petition, we need many more of the experts in the legal community.  We are
working with one primary goal of seeking legal representation by civil
attorneys on behalf of veterans.

We are making a difference day by day as each new signature are placed on
petition.  In addition to the petition, we would also like to forward to the
Congress summaries of bona fide cases of medical malpractice or intentional
wrongs.  Of course, facts and circumstances wherein a prima facie case of
supported by the preponderance of the evidence will be required.  We wish to
undertake this initiative to attack the underlying factor for all claims of
injury or injustice denied justice within the federal judiciary ...
"sovereign and official immunity."  As many of your probably know all too
well, these issues range from human experimentation to retaliation and every
other wrongful act that can be covered up imaginable under the Feres

Very truly yours,

Bridget A. Turnage
Executive Director, VERPA

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 Bruce "Doc". Melson