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The mission of Angel Flight Central is to provide transportation for the
purpose of access to medical care or for reasons of compassion or community
service. In furtherance of that mission, Angel Flight Central will promote,
support, and represent public benefit flying through communication,
coordination, and cooperation among and between affiliate member
AFC WING organizations primarily take on the most fun and exciting tasks of
Angel Flight as described above. Each AFC WING will be given latitude to
conduct its affairs in a manner deemed appropriate and for the benefit of its
local citizens.

An AFC WING is defined as a group of at least five people within a geographic
area who are dedicated to helping people in need and who commit themselves to
the local, regional and national objectives of the Angel Flight program. Upon
application to the AFC Board, a group of local volunteers may be granted
status as an authorized WING within AFC. Once established, the WING takes on
the opportunities of recruiting pilots, informing the passenger population of
our service and seeking to promote Angel Flight locally. Each WING has
autonomy to serve the needs of their community at the local level, however,
they are asked to work with AFC towards the common organizational goals. To
this end, each WING will be asked:

To elect from within its membership an individual to serve a two-year term as
WING Leader. The WING Leader will participate as a voting member in the
election of individuals to the AFC Board, and will be an invited guest to all
AFC Board meetings. This person will also coordinate other volunteers within
the WING.

To designate volunteers within each WING who will assume responsibility for
accomplishing the following tasks:

Pilot Recruitment and Activities**
Passenger and Community Awareness**
Public Relations**
Financial Development**

** Parallels AFC Board of Directors Committees. Receives training and
mentoring from respective Board Director or volunteer within AFC in each
specific area.

To establish a local address and local contact numbers.

To cooperate with AFC in seeking any grants or other fund raising
opportunities that may be more readily available to local entities.

To participate in AFC sponsored activities and to adhere to AFC guidelines
and procedures.
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