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There is some very good information in here regarding your benefits and claims regulations changes.





Dear Readers,

The Jan-March 2001 issue of the National Veterans Legal Services Program
Journal (NVLSP) has arrived and will be reviewed in today's newsletter.

The NVLSP Journal is published four times per year and costs $80.00 for
one-year subscription. The NVLSP Journal Editor and Chief is Ronald B.
Abrams, Esq. Email: Fax: 1-202-328-0063

Index of Articles (all NVLSP articles excerpted):

1. Increased Evaluations Based on Alcoholism Secondary to PTSD ( Allen v
Click for Allen article:

2. CAVC Invalidates Chapter 35 Regulations (Ozer v Principi). Click for
Ozer Article:

3. Agent Orange Update 2000: Latest NAS Report.
The Report of over 400 pages can be read at: (just enter "agent orange" in the search box, then see the
Agent Orange
2000 Update link).

NOTE: Link The AML/ acute myelogenous leukemia in children of Vietnam
veterans and Agent Orange mentioned in the report has been found to be
flawed, but the remainder of the report is still valid. See the VA
Secretaries Comments on the flawed connection at:

VA Agent Orange Information At:

VA Fast Letter.
December 4, 2000 Fast Letter 00-90:

A. Public Law 106-419 Veterans Benefits and Healthcare Improvement Act of
B. Strokes and Heart Attacks in reservists.
C. Section 302 SMC Mastectomy.
D. Disability during Compensation Work Therapy.
E. Incompetent Institutionalized veterans.
F. Payment rate for Filipino Veterans of WWII.
G. Burial Plot allowance in State cemeteries.
H. Children of Women Vietnam Veterans Born with certain birth defects.
I. Filipino Veteran's Benefits Improvements.

See Fast Letter 00-90 at:

5. NVLSP Comments on Proposed VCAA Regulations.

The comments were submitted jointly by the NVLSP and the American Legion,
and bring out how the VA is still trying to uphold their pre-VCAA position
by not helping veterans completely.

Two Quotes from the article:

1. "this amended definition is plainly anti-veteran, and there are several
reasons why it should be withdrawn."

2. and, "Two provisions in the proposed regulations represent an
unwarranted attempt through regulations what it was unable to accomplish
through legislation."

This ends the list of articles contained in the NVLSP Journal Jan-March
2001 Edition.

I have covered in our Veterans  Benrfits newsletters, much of what
the NVLSP has in their Jan-March 2001 Journal. But the Journal does contain
many helpful comments and suggestions, and in-depth study, which are of
great benefit.

It is well worth the cost. But unless you are a veterans advocate or
attorney the $80.00 is prohibitive. As such we will not be subscribing to
the NVLSP Journal, at this time.

However, if you have subscribed to the NVLSP Journal or other Veterans
Legal Newsletters, please send any current issues to the editor for
reviewing on our news list

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