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H.R.1146 - Boot the UN out of America


  "I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of


  United States against  all enemies, foreign and domestic...."

  -- Congressional Oath of Office


  "TMHomman" - wrote:


  Rep. Ron Paul from TX (one of the good guys) introduced a bill to


  that would boot the UN out of America and get the US out of that hate


  organization. H.R.1146 is the bill #. He needs co-sponsors in Congress,


  looking for citizen co-sponsors, and is urging people to contact Henry


  whose committee the bill is tied up in right now. Passing H.R.1146 would

 be a

  wonderful step in the right direction for the future of America.


  The Liberty Committee


  "The National United Nations-free Zone Committee"

  Anti-U.N. Petitions Flood Capitol "The National United Nations-free Zone

  Committee" The National United Nations-free Zone Committee LaVerkin Cop

  Resigns Over Anti-U.N.


  HR 1146 IH


  H.R. 1146 & Republic or Democracy?


  Support H.R.1146. For the U.S. to leave the U.N.


  H.R.1146 Is A Good Solution

  By Darrel Mulloy - Published: 01.26.01


  U.N. Gives Tyranny a Hand


  Anti-U.N.  Petitions Flood Capitol



  Without Justice, there is JUST_US!






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