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| This site may be of help to someone.

| Dog Tags Found In Viet Nam

| On a recent "Today Show" there was a story about two men who went to Hanoi on
| a business trip. The men encountered a guy selling old GI dog tags from US
| servicemen who were killed during the Viet Nam War.
|      They were disgusted by the thought of this man profiting from the
|  sale of
| these tags. Upon returning to the US, they decided to go back to Viet Nam and
| purchase ALL the dog tags. They did so, paying 19 cents per tag! They brought
| home several hundred tags.
|      The plan is to return the tags to surviving family members, when they
|  can
| find them. The process has already begun with one set being turned over to a
| grieving Mom on July 4th, (coincidentally, it was on her birthday)!
| These two men have set up a website,
| listing the names of all those whose tags they purchased.
|      If you lost friends, family, or know of someone who lost a loved one in
| Viet Nam, I suggest you check out this website. If you recognize a name,
| there's an e-mail address to contact these two men and to help in their
| efforts to return the dogtag to it's rightful survivor. I'm sure a family
| member would be eternally grateful to have such an important item returned.
|      Please help by checking this website. And please send the website
|  address
| to everyone you know. The more people who see the lists, the greater the
| chance of returning ALL the tags to those who lost loved ones in Viet Nam!





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