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POW/MIA Flag needs our help.

Recap of email sent yesterday:

Since about 1998 the POW/MIA flag has flown right beneath Log Glory at the
entrance to our village.  At the 9 Aug 01 meeting of the village Board of
Directors member Kathy Kamp made their motion to RETIRE this flag.  Her
reasoning was she thinks it is a Special Interest flag and finds it very
depressing.  Her motion was seconded by fellow member Lynn Winkler.  A vote
was tabled until the 13 Sep 01 meeting.

New information:

The information you requested for the Christmas Lake Village is as follows:

       Address:                  Santa Claus, IN  47579


The final vote will be held at the next monthly meeting on 13 Sept 01.  All
board members (9) in attendance will vote.

Thanks again for your interest.

Additional input from Mike James:
I received his email on another list a few days ago, these are the Email
addresses for the two people.  At least these are the ones that he supplied.  
They are good, neither bounced when I sent them my letter.  

To: ;  (note: the latter address was given

So what are you waiting for?  Send them an email.  Send this information to
any lists/friends/etc..
If you can afford it, make the call.  There is enough time to use snail mail
if you do it soon.

Let them know that it does matter!  Tell them patriotism is not a special
interest! These men were abandoned by our government and by folks who find it
too "depressing" to keep take a stand.
Until there is a full and HONEST accounting, we must continue pressing for
information and doing what we can to keep reminding everyone that the fight
isn't over. There is no better reminder than the POW/MIA flag!

If you choose to contact them, please email me (at a copy (or
synopsis of phone call) and send another to:


Dennis Johnson
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Operation Just Cause

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