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Do you care about those that fought for our freedom? Yes I am talking the

prisoners of war and missing in action (POW/MIAs). We see the POW/MIA flag

everywhere saying that "You Are Not Forgotten". This black and white flag

represents all our POW/MIA from all of our wars. Yes it should fly everyday

in honor of those heroes. We should be thankful and never forget their

sacrifices everyday.

The POW/MIA flag should fly everyday below the beautiful American flag at

the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, The Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the

World War II Memorial and Senator Campbell from Colorado has introduced a

bill that will do that.

The POW/MIA Memorial Act of 2001 (S-1226) needs your help.

Call your Senator at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to be a cosponsor. It is

very impertinent to also call any Senator on the Judiciary Committee and ask

that they move S-1226 out of the committee.

If you care you will call. Do you care???

Danny Greasy Belcher

President Rolling Thunder KY Chapter 3

Infantry Sgt. Vietnam 68-69

D Troop, 7th Sqdn., 1st Air Cav


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