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Subject: Treasury to Collect Delinquent Debts from IRS Rebate Check


July 17, 2001


Treasury to Collect Delinquent Debts from IRS Rebate Check
WASHINGTON -- The Treasury Department will send letters to about
380,000 veterans to remind them that they owe the federal government and
that money can be withheld from their Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
rebate checks this summer.
The rebates are a result of President Bush's tax-cut bill and will
be mailed during a 10-week period starting July 23.


Federal law says that when veterans, their dependents or survivors
owe more than $25 to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the debts
are more than 180 days overdue, VA officials must report the debts to
Treasury for possible offset from most government payments.
>From January 1 through June 22, VA referred more than 314,000 health
care debts and more than 71,000 benefit debts (education, home loans,
etc.) to the Treasury. The combined amount owed is approximately $184
The Treasury Department will notify veterans in writing about
anticipated deductions. The letters will include the name of the VA
agency that is owed money and a point of contact who will answer questions
about their debt.
VA has already mailed letters to each beneficiary notifying him or
her of an outstanding debt and the possible referral of the debt to the
Treasury Department for collection. The VA letter also provided a
toll-free number for making payment arrangements to avoid further action.
Those who did not pay their debts were referred to the Treasury
For additional information, see the Treasury Department's web site


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