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Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm


Awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the United States and its Allies:
for valorous achievement in combat during the Vietnam conflict, March 1,
1961 through March 28, 1973.


Every American and every nation Allied with the United States who served in
Vietnam was awarded the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry.


The Cross of Gallantry is recognized by the United States government and
all federal agencies.


Because the Cross of Gallantry does not appear on every U.S. Vietnam
veterans DD-214 Vietnam veterans may receive government acknowledgement of
this medal by requesting a DD-215 from the National Records and Personnel
Center in St. Louis, Mo using standard form (SF) SF-180. To obtain an
SF-180 please travel to URL:


For more information about the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, travel to URL:


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