Wanted: Stories, photos and information about women who served

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Wanted:  Stories, photos and information about women who served in

San Jose will soon have a new venue for exhibits of history and culture.
The Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Garden has been started in Kelly Park.
This project will be done in six phases. Phase one will include a museum.
As part of this project, a section of the museum will be dedicated to an
exhibit that focuses on the women that lived and served in Vietnam during
the War. This is an important exhibit to the community.  It will help
educate people about the history and sacrifices made during the Vietnam War
while recognizing the role that women played there.   It is our goal that
the exhibit will become a destination point for schools.

We are still in the planning phase of this special project, and we are
looking for stories, photos, and any information that will enhance the
exhibit   If you have any information that you can share, please contact
Vicki Tindel, Vice Chair of the Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Garden at
(408) 345-8016 or (408)280-7480 or email at

Please forward this to others who might be interested.

Chuck Reed
San Jose City Councilmember

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 Bruce "Doc". Melson