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Mr. O'Rilley  why is it that the news media will not cover the Military
Health Care problem?

On Feb. 8 2001 The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in
Washington, DC, has spoken unanimously and clearly in the case of Schism
and Reinlie vs. United States! The court stated that lifetime health
care was promised in exchange for GIs serving twenty or more years in
the service leading to retirement and which "creates an implied-in-fact
contract binding upon the government." Further, the court decided that
"Congress has no power to curtail benefits for which the government has
previously contracted to provide.

This Lawsuit effects the lives of 1.5 million Retired Military,      NO

President Bush prior to the election spoke to many veterans and active
duty military that "a promise made is a promise kept",

Like Father Like Son, Read my Lips.

We have been informed that his administration has asked that all eleven
judges on the federal appeals court rehear arguments and reverse a
February ruling by a three-judge panel that ruled unanimously that the
government illegally breached its promise of lifetime health care to as
many as 1.5 million elderly military retirees who entered service before
June 7, 1956.   NO MEDIA COVERAGE.

President Bush  stated he wants a patient bill of rights, so every
patient can sue but he wants the Government to act so there will be no
frivolous law suite.   To allow this Appeal  would be frivolous and
another Broken Campaign promise, or an outright lie to get elected?  NO

Presidential Election made it to court in days, Class action for 1.5
million retirees health care will take years an appeal is a delay,
before it can be heard another 500,000 or more Retirees will fade away.

This was the type of email before the election:

"I want you to work with me for Governor Bush. Time is short but if we
work hard we can turn out the veterans vote in Washington.   If they
vote the odds are overwhelming that they will vote for Bush.   Call 10
vets and have them call ten more each.   Activate your email list.
Take one vet with you when you vote. Help a vet fill out his absentee
ballot.   Help man the phone  banks.  There will be a list of vets at
each one and we need help calling  vets.  If you need bumper stickers
etc. call Danielle Majestic or Dave Thomas at 425-210-5357."

This is the type of letters being sent to the President now, (I've heard
of no answers)

"Sir! Your campaign speech to the Military and to the Nation stated "A
promise made will be a promise kept" and in doing so you gained the
support of millions of Military Retirees that have fought so long to
gain back the broken promise of lifetime health care for 20 years

As a military retiree and veteran, I request you to please reconsider
and withdraw your challenge the February 8, 2001 decision of the U. S.
Court of Appeals regarding restoration of promised life-time free
medical care for retired U. S. Armed Forces veterans."
If you were to question Congress they would tell you they just passed a
free health care bill. It's True,   The watered down Warner bill passed
and the president signed.

What was signed? PL 106-398 (Summary below) On October 30, President
Clinton signed the Floyd A. Spence National Defense Authorization Act
for Fiscal Year 2001, Public Law 106-398 (the Act). The legislation
included a number of health care provisions that collectively represent
the most significant change to military health care benefits since the
Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS)
was established by Congress in 1966.

This will cost $50.00 per month for husband and $50.00 for spouse Part B
of Medicare.   No Dental, No Hearing, No Eyes, and no long term care.

Long way from the free health care promised.

This is the email I just received

"There are three-plus years to go in this administration.  Because of
such decisions, Bush could easily fall out of favor with active duty,
military retirees, service family members and survivors.  That is a
chunk of voters, perhaps over four million.  Include sympathetic
veterans, who number in the millions, and Bush and his party could be
handed their heads in the next election."

Mr. O'Rilley , You are the only one in the media that seems to be
concerned with justice.  Holding the IRS accountable,  Questioning the
Governments dishonesty.   The Government breached a contract with 1.5
Million GI's and the courts said it is taking of property ,


Please do a story and let America know what the Government did to the
men and women that served 20 years military service making this the most
powerful Nation economical and the freest in the world.



>From then to now:

It may look a little different, if you keep things in perspective.

1. FREE Health Care for the rest of your life if you serve 20 years or

2. We went from free health care to health care space available. CHAMPUS
with non-availability,

3. No Dental care for retired and dependants

4. Non Availability for specialty care,  EENT, and some Surgical.
Meaning go downtown.

5. Required us to buy supplemental insurance for non covered Medical

6. Organizations scrambled to set up group Insurance.

7. Retirees started individually writing there Representatives to keep
the promise.

8. Retirees started calling on there Organizations to start uniting for
what was promised.

9. Base closures got some news coverage publicizing denied health care
that was promised.

10. Retirees voice got stronger. Organization got stronger then;

11. Divide and Conquer, Give a little to keep them quite,

12. Subvention, and bills, bills, bills with more promises.

13. Strong at first, to restore all that was lost, 2003, boy this was to
good to be true.

14. Allıs quite on the home front, cut a little here and promise more
later, 4205

15. Finely enough support to pass a watered down version, enough to keep
us quite a little longer. Read on:

16. In a nutshell, take a look at the first paragraph in the new bill
that was entered Jan 7, 2001

Known now as 179

Although provisions enacted in the Floyd D. Spence National Defense
Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2001 (Public Law 106ħ398) extended
coverage under the TRICARE program to medicare eligible military
retirees age 65 and older, those provisions did not address the health
care needs of military retirees under the age of 65.

Bet you never noticed That.

17. This is another ploy to keep us quite,  If we could only wake up
from this dream and come together as a unit,

18. I believed military leaders were the best, but these young
representatives have led us with empty promises, they have changed every
initiative we put in motion. That is called if you canıt beat them join
them and rewrite the plan.

19. Some folks think I am bad mouthing the TFL every what that is.  I
just think we went from a 100% to less than 50% and I am not happy, I
received this:

" When in the hell did the military ever have long term care?
Tricare for life right now is the best god dmaned program in the US
>no one can beat it."

Well excuse me if I donıt believe it.  We had the initiative and we let
it slip away. Free health care for the rest of your life is pretty long
to me.

What can we do?  There are a few and I mean a few trying to represent
the many. We must remember one thing, we have representatives.  We voted
for them and we must talk to them, make it know that we want what was
promised. We canıt let a few agree to watered down versions of Public
Law 106-398.

TRICARE is not the final authority, They will take the initiative away
from us, they are already in charge.  I havenıt heard one positive
testimony for TRICARE and I havenıt heard one negative word from the
powers to be.

I encourage every one to get involved with questions to your

What, Were and When.

1.    Fulfills the "broken promise" to retirees who entered the
uniformed services prior to June 7, 1956 by extending them coverage
under FEHBP, with the Government contribution for health benefits being
100%.  Includes surviving spouse.

2.    Re-establishes adequate health care coverage to all military
retirees by allowing participation in the FEHBP program.  Includes
unremarried former spouse and dependents, and a provision for a separate
FEHBP risk pool for military retirees.

Look at these paragraphs in 179, it looks good but you must buy into
this program, its not free. And it has limited health care unless you
are a Senator or some other prominent individual.

How do you tell some one I don't want what someone else has, I only want
what was promised, no more, no less.



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