....off the top of my head....

Just a side note ( to my hat order) that I thought you might like to hear...

...the second hat I ordered is now in the possession of and being worn by a former US Marine CAP Team member Jerry Goller, Jerry and I have ever met, but on 02 Feb 68 at 2:00am I heard his radio transmissions requesting any stations assistance.  He was at Cam Lo HQ compund and they were being over run by NVA and needed Arty Support, my position was on OP 250 Nrth of Camp Carroll, I successfuly  relayed for Jerry all night, and I Corp Arty pounded and repeled 3 NVA attacks. It was the only time  I had to call Arty on to a friendly position. (Jerry's first Coord. was the flag pole in their compound).  For 35 years I would wonder who it was I had relayed for that night and by luck I ran accross an account of the battle on a web site, made several contacts and was able to e-mail Jerry and speak with him via Phone in early Feb of this year,
I now speak with him via e-mail and hope to meet him face to face some day.

(Web site that relates the battle of Cam Lo  http://www.schaffer.us/camlo.html )

Tom Baertsch
239th Radar Det
1/40 FA    RVN 67-68

PS.  a Hard Corp Marine wearing a  Army 1/40th hat, thats special in its self!

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