Tommy passed away at 3:30 am pacific time October 19th from  a massive coronary artery blow out.


His youngest girl was home he advised her he was in so much pain she was to call 911.


Hospital treated as heart attack but too much damage.


His family was with him when he passed.


Doc, Tommy really liked you


After this last reunion he stayed with us at our house for a week.


Tommy knew he had few days remaining and wanted to make peace with as many folks as possible.


He actually thought he was terminal with cancer but his heart went first.


He told me he wanted to make next 2 reunions then was going to give all the society stuff up.


He was in pain almost all the time and turned to the bottle for relief.   Told me the fellows killed in ‘Nam were the lucky ones because they didn't hurt.


I do not know if Nan and I will be able to make arrangements in time to get to funeral.


Bob Rader

(Tommy’s radio operator in ‘Nam)






"When the way comes to an end, then change - having changed, you pass through."

      I. Ching


  Bruce "Doc". Melson