Tommy D. Dorris
April 18, 1947 - October 19, 2001


It is with very deep regret we inform you that  Tommy Dorris, passed away on October 19, 2001 at 3:00 a.m. of a heart attack.

He will be dearly missed by the many people he touched in life.




Funeral services for
Tommy Dorris

Wednesday, October 24, 2001


From MAJ Mike Robertson, XO of the 61st Infantry at Fort Jackson, SC

"George, Colonel Swaren told me of his passing...
Tommy was good man, a soldier of courage, and a great friend. We present day soldiers of the 61st will miss him. Although, I cannot make the journey, flowers will be sent in tribute to this fine man.

The Best Lead The Rest


Angels For Tommy !

God Never Wastes
God never wastes a heartache,
And he never wastes a care,
He never wastes a teardrop,
Nor a moment of dispair.

He never wastes a burden
That so often we endure,
He takes them and He fashions them
To make our lives more pure.

All things that come into our lives
He's purposed that He would
Take each and every one of them
And turn them into good.

So when the pathway's dreary
And you feel so sad and blue
Remember, He turns heartaches
Into blessings just for you!

Tommy Dorris
A Young Tommy in Oklahoma

And heaven has an angel, one more . . .