Veteran's Day

They left the jungles red with blood, the Daves, the Johns, and Toms.
Boarded the Freedom Bird, they were going home again. Behind them were the
horrors, the agony, and the fears. The memories they brought with them , to
dim not over the years.

Anxious hearts were beating fast, as the Freedom Bird touched down. Home at
last or so they thought, but shocked at what they found. Some came off the
plane walking, some on stretchers and weel chairs. Nothing had prepared them
for the jeers and hate filled stares.

What had they done they thought, as some bowed their heads in shame? They
had fought for God and Country, so for what did come this blame? Incomming
spit and rotten eggs hurt worse than wounds their bodies bore. And all
thoughts of Freedom faded as they stepped back on U.S. soil.

Familes could not understand why they were not the same. Some wouldn"t even
listen, when he would try and explan. No Welcome Home Parades, for the towns
people turned away. For him there was not to be a real home comming day.

They went in all directions, and coped the best they could. Carring more
guilt and shame then any Veteran should. They built walls and bunkers so
they could be touched no more. And each nigt they dreamed and cried and
fought a raging war.

For thirty some odd years have passed and wonder where they are? Some are
walking the homeless streets, some in VA mentle wards. Many hyave died from
illness contacted in the Nam. Some just quit fighting, some pick up a gun.

But by the Grace Of God, some found the courage to step out. I am a Vietnam
Veteran, I have a right to be proud" Turn away if you must or listen if you
will. I've bore all you threw at me and I am standing still.

Although my steps are weary and my soul is oh so sore. You can take your
blame and guilt, I wont carry it any more. Ill reach out to my brothers that
are still standing all alone. And by God you can,t stop us. One by one were
comming HOME.

To all my Brother's on Veteran's day, Welcome Home

Tommy Dorris
5/4th Artillery
1/61st Inf.
Society of the 5th Division