AO related cancer ..!!!!

From: "Bruce K. Melson" <>

I have had this really crazy idea, perhaps one of you either wants to try it or you can pass this onto a interested party. The National Media is going nuts about  John McCain's cancer right now. Chloracne ...His Skin Cancer...It's agent Orange related... I mean it's even accepted by the Fed's as being AO related...I mean if somehow we could get him to acknowledge the fact that he is suffering from AO related cancer ..!!!! WOW..that would be headlines that could save lives...big Time.. We all know that no one really has stepped up to the plate and openly acknowledged the dangers vets face from ao cancers....Hey it's just a idea. I am buried in The Silver Rose and getting my community ready for the Moving Wall. ( I a am chairman ) in Oct. but as I was driving down the road this morning it hit me hard. maybe someone has a in to him..hell who knows what might happen.??.Then again it might be my PTSD..working me over again...Welcome Home and if you think this is worthwhile pass it on. maybe someone will pick it up and run with it...I just had to express my idea on this opportunity before it passed.