BLT 3/9, Inc.

2297  14th Avenue SW

Largo, FL 33770-4710


is sponsoring a very special





For all Marines of 3rd Battalion, 9th Marines

The 9th Marine Regiment

Fox Battery, 2nd Battalion, 12th Marines


All Other Support Elements


Each Company will have a private conference room at the “Gathering.”


Date:         Check-in on Wednesday, July 16 to checkout on Sunday, July 20, 2003.         


Location:  San Antonio, Texas


Hotel:       Hotel Valencia Riverwalk                                  Telephone: toll free (866) 842-0100,

                 150 Houston Street                                                                or (210) 227-9700

                 San Antonio, TX  78205                                     E-mail:


                  Special Room Rate:  $99.00 plus 17% tax per night (max two adults, as two kids are free).  Should

                                                      you desire an extended stay, this special room rate will apply for three days

                                                      prior to and three days subsequent to the Reunion dates shown above. 

                                                      The only way to avoid the 17% room tax (a $16.83 savings per day) is to

                                                      notify Stew ASAP, and send your check, payable to BLT 3/9, Inc. at the

                                                      above address, and thus participate on the BLT’s tax-exempt Master 

                                                      Account reservation list.  Otherwise, make your own reservations.


                  Reservation:  Telephone (866) 842-0100, then give the reservation code number BLT39.

                                          The hotel only accepts guaranteed reservations, by credit card or check.  We suggest 

                                          using a credit card, as per policy the hotel will not charge anything on a guest’s

                                          credit card until arrival Please make your reservation as soon as possible.


                  Cancellation Policy: Individual rooms are subject to a two (2) day cancellation policy.  If

                                                     individual rooms are canceled within two (2) days of arrival, the individual

                                                     will be charged one night’s room and tax on their credit card. 


Transportation:  You are responsible for your own transportation.  The hotel is approximately ten (10) minutes

                              to/from the airport.  On the shuttle SA Trans, the cost per person is approximately $16.00

                              round trip.  The cost of a cab is approximately $17.00 one way for as many persons as can

                              cram inside, so for two or more riding together, a cab is most reasonable and quicker.




Wednesday, the 16th:  The hospitality room, located in multiple contigious rooms on the first floor, will be open from early afternoon until departing the hotel sometime Sunday (but closed during certain BLT events).  Naturally, there will be kegs of ice cold Budweiser and cases of sodas, chips and dips, plus hot and cold hors d’oeuvres prepared exclusively each day by our private chef Sir William de India.  And, regarding all other beverages, everything other than the beer kegs and sodas will be on a BYOB basis.



Thursday, the 17th:  At 9:00 a.m., the “Gathering” will commence in the general session room.  Our guest speaker will be a representative from India Company.  After the one hour a la carte lunch (there are restaurants in the hotel), and starting at approximately 1:00 p.m. (and end at the convenience of each respective Company, but no later than 5:00 p.m.), each individual Company will return to a private conference room.   The hospitality room will be closed until the conclusion of the “Gathering.”



Friday, the 18th:  From 10:00 a.m. till noon, a special remembrance ceremony will take place at the base of a sculpture dedicated to the Fight for Hill 881 South, a battle which occurred from April 30 to May 2, 1967.  The artist who created the sculpture will be present.  As to location, the sculpture is a three minute walk from the hotel.  Please wear your covers (hats) to this ceremony.  The hospitality room is closed during this ceremony.  After the ceremony, and until the banquet early tomorrow evening, your time is open to enjoy a round of golf, select from a multitude of family oriented theme parks, walk through caverns, and visit the Alamo.



Saturday, the 19th:  Until the evening Banquet, this day is open.  The Banquet will begin at 6:00 p.m., dinner will be served at 7:00 p.m., and the Banquet will end whenever we so desire.  A full cash bar will be available for individual purchase.  We will have an honored guest speaker, TBA.  The menu will consist of a choice between two entrée’s, chicken breast or roast beef, plus all the trimmings, to include dessert.  The excellent news is the banquet dinner will cost $20.00 per person in advance, which price includes gratuities (this is a discount of approximately 60% per person)MOST IMPORTANT: to obtain this tax-exempt discount, we agreed to pay in advance for the dinner using the BLT’s tax-exempt Master Account reservation list.  As such,  and in order to reserve the type and number of dinners you desire at this discounted price, you must notify Stew ASAP, and send your check, payable to BLT 3/9, Inc. at the above address, no later than June 10, 2003 (otherwise the banquet dinner cost per person is $48.00 at the door).  The hospitality room will be closed from 5:00 p.m. until the Banquet is over, but then will reopen until checkout on Sunday.



Sunday, the 20th:  This day is open.  Before checkout, please visit with us in the hospitality room.



Questions or concerns: Contact Stew at (727) 581-5454, or e-mail:



All  Marines, relatives, and friends are invited to attend our Reunion. 



Saepe Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Fratres Aeterni.