Bumper Stickers, etc.

From: "Bruce K. Melson" <doc32751@cookeville.com>

Subject: Bumper Stickers, etc.
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 08:24:05 -0500
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Tommy said that a lot of you guys are asking if there’s a bumper sticker available with the Billboard on it yet.  I do know that NVO has patches and t-shirts with the “infamous Uncle Sam”  saying; “I lied to you about your benefits” at the NVO website, http://www.nvo.org .   

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Subject: FW: [List] Billboard bumper stickers
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 22:09:08 -0500
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From: Douglas McArthur [mailto:doug@nvo.org]On Behalf Of doug@nvo.org via
Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2000 10:00 PM
To: veterans@nvo.org; nvo@nvo.org
Subject: [List] Billboard bumper stickers

Doug McArthur at doug@nvo.org wrote:

We just returned from placing an order locally for bumper stickers that look
exactly like our billboards. The company producing them makes warning
stickers to go on Air Force jets so the quality is beautiful.

These are high quality stickers that are printed in seven colors on vinyl
material. The have been tested to last two years or more. They look
absolutely great. Our initial order was for one thousand bumper stickers and
the proceeds from the sale of the bumper stickers will help finance our next
billboards around the country.

The price is $5.00 each or three for $12.00 including shipping and handling.
They will be ready for shipping in about two weeks so get your orders in
early. From all the requests we have had for this item, we expect this first
thousand to go very quickly.

We'll get an order page up for them soon but in the meantime, either send in
a check or send your credit card info to me via email. Minimum credit card
order is $10.00.

Bulk orders are available. Contact us for details.


Douglas McArthur, Executive Director
The National Veterans Organization of America, Inc.
Visit the NVO Website at http://www.nvo.org


I am including an NVO screensaver for PC with this email.


Doc Melson





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