Bush & DOD Budget

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President Bush has put the DOD budget on hold for the next two years pending a full study of DOD needs and policy development regarding the desired mision of the military forces of the United States.


This action may or may not have adverse effects upon current legislation being developed in the Congress for righting the wrongs inflicted upon the military retirees and veterans by the inactions of previous administratons.


Current legislation, if passed, would, of course, be targeted for implementation sometime after the two year moritorium on DOD budget requirements. We could still get the laws passed this year, but they would not be fully funded until two years hence. I hope that is the plan of this administration and Congress and not what many are now 
fearing...a total abandonment of the retirees and veterans by way of more broken promises.


If I am wrong, I fear for the consequences that will result from an angry and aroused group of military veterans who 
have once more been betrayed by their country.


"When the way comes to an end, then change - having changed, you pass through."

      I. Ching


 Bruce "Doc". Melson