LONGGU~1.jpg (13755 bytes)    175 Howitzer Camp Carroll


8INX~1.jpg (15971 bytes)  8 inch Howitzer

Pack_75.jpg (17901 bytes)Captured pack 75 howitzer that the perimeter Marines at Carroll went up and got. It was dug back in to the side of the mountain. Wish I could remember the unit but we had so many Marine units in and out of Carroll it would be difficult. The howitzer had stamped on it - Made in USA 1942.  We were told at the time on the hill this piece was used by the French in their battles with what was called then the Viet Men back in the early 50's, I think. Captured from the French and then used on us. Then the Marines captured it from the NVA.  Carroll was harassed by three of four of these pee shooters for about three months off and on. The hill arty knocked out the other ones but this one was  dug way back in to one of the mountains around Carroll. If I remember right they said Dong Ha Mountain. Of course the 94th could not shoot at them because we could not shoot that short. All we could do at that range is blow powder at them. It was probably the Marine 105's on the hill which was  C/1/12. Although we did have the Marine 155's, K/4/12. Safe to say it was Marine Arty that got the others.

Mission statement that was over in B Btry.

Photo of the ammo that was captured.

B-52 strike at Carroll the day after TET broke out. B52 strike was against the 325th NVA Division to the North and North West of Carroll. We could not believe it but during the strike, not after or before but during, the NVA opened up on Carroll with their artillery.

Carroll Tower. Compliments of Earl Clark,

 C Btry 1st Bn 12th Marines.


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