1) Ray Coolbaugh
Alpha  battery 1/40th Commo then FDC
Mar 68 - 69


Assigned as switch board operator and was asked to retrain in FDC. about 2 weeks on switch board then the rest of tour in FDC. knew Bob Paoletti, John Revi, Lt Arron.

2)  Alan Kerr
HHB 1/40th Commo/ Message Center
11/67 - 6/69


29 Mar 2008

I was with 1st of the 40th Artillery at Dong Ha form November 67 until June 69, I was Hq Commo SP4 then STG Would like to here from anyone who remembers me. Hay Rankin you out there? Also I travailed to C1,C2,Rock Pile,Khe Sanh,Cua Viet,Cam Lo,Con Thien,Camp Carroll,