Concerning agent orange and adult onset diabetes

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Hey Guys, this is a “MUST READ” from Tom Coopey.  Specially for us who were in our A.O. where so much Agent Orange was used.  Special importance to the item in italics about the testing for diabetes.  Thanks fro the “heads up” Tom.



“”Doc, regarding the new rulings concerning agent orange and adult onset diabetes. I have been going for annual checkups since I was 40. My fasting blood sugar levels have always been in the normal range. I developed bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome and right cubital tunnel syndrome in '94 & '95. Recently I have been diagnosed with a cervical stenosis at several areas of the neck. I see two neurologist's who tell me that they're were seeing somewhat uncommon results from my emg tests. (I see one because of a repetitive work condition)

I have been sent for tests ranging for detection of Parkingson's disease to Lyme disease. Finally, one sent me for a 5 hour glucose tolerance test. My sugar level was fine for the first 2 blood samples, however, upon ingestion of the "coke type syrup" my sugar level rose to over 235 & continued to rise until they were finished. I don't know if I'm the exception to the rule or diabetes can "hide" in this fashion on a more than known common ground.

If the case is that only a GTT is the only true test word should be sent out to our brothers to make them aware that although they think they're diabetes free they ma not be & should be tested further.

I have submitted a claim & am trying to put info together for the VFW in NJ to enable them to inform them of this possibility. (Although I'm certain that when the VA formalizes their program they will advise everyone to come in for a GTT. ;-)

In Brotherhood,

Tom C. Recon '68””



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