DAV: Lump-Sum Payment Scheme Short-Changes

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DAV: Lump-Sum Payment Scheme Short-Changes Disabled Veterans


WASHINGTON, Jan. 18 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
strongly opposes attempts to offer lump-sum settlements instead of monthly
payments to compensate veterans for disabilities related to their military
"Such a scheme would short-change disabled veterans," said DAV National
Commander Armando C. Albarran. "Lump-sum settlements are merely a way for
the government to avoid the administrative costs of reevaluating
service-connected disabilities and as a way to avoid future liabilities to
those veterans when their disabilities worsen or cause secondary

The issue of lump-sum payments was raised recently in a Jan. 17 news release
issued by the office of House Armed Services Chairman Bob Stump (R-Ariz.).

"It is disgraceful to suggest that disabled veterans bargain away their
future entitlement to compensation for their disabilities merely to make it
more convenient for the government," Commander Albarran said.

Disability compensation is paid monthly by the Department of Veterans
Affairs (VA) to an eligible veteran at a rate corresponding with diminished
earning capacity resulting from the effects of service-connected disease or
injury. By design, monthly payments are intended to provide continuous
compensation for as long as the veteran continues to suffer the effects of
that disability. Under current law, if the disability becomes more severe
over time, a veteran's compensation rate could increase accordingly.

"Lump-sum payments would not, on the whole, be in the best interests of
disabled veterans," said Commander Albarran. "It is shameful to prey upon
these men and women-at a very vulnerable point in their lives-for the sake
of government savings and convenience."

------ The million-member Disabled American Veterans, a non-profit
organization founded in 1920 and chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1932,
represents 2.3 million disabled veterans. It is dedicated to one, single
purpose: building better lives for our nation's disabled veterans and their


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