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    On 14 June, the Senate recalled the FY2001 National Defense
Authorization Act, S. 2549, to consider a series of amendments.  Sen.
Warner asked for and received unanimous consent that the amendments from
both sides of the aisle, numbers 3382 through 3424 be agreed to "en bloc",
which were adopted: A brief explanation of selected adopted amendments
follow below.
    > No. 3386 - To remove the inclusion of housing in the determining of
income eligibility for WIC support for members of the Armed Forces
overseas. Would require DoD to follow the current practice of the state in
excluding the basic allowance for housing when determining income
eligibility for food stamps and equalizes the treatment of CONUS and OCONUS
stationed families.
    > No. 3387 - to improve access to health care under the TRICARE program
by prohibiting a requirement for statements of non-availability. Would
waive the requirement of TRICARE-Standard users to obtain statements of
non-availability or pre-authorization from MTFs, except for in certain
    > No. 3389 - to treat as veterans individuals who served in the Alaska
Territorial Guard during World War II.
    > No. 3390 - to extend to members of the National Guard and other
reserve components not on active duty the entitlement to receive special
duty assignment pay.
    > No. 3391 - to authorize the expansion of service areas for
transferees of former uniformed services treatment facilities that are
included in the uniformed services health care delivery system. Would allow
USTFs to expand their service areas into one or more noncontiguous areas.

  > No. 3397 - to increase the TRICARE maximum allowable charge for
physicians in rural States, and to require a report on non-participation of
physicians in TRICARE in rural States. Would require TRICARE/CHAMPUS in a
rural state to be equal to 80% of the customary and reasonable charge for
service to encourage more health care providers to participate in TRICARE
Networks and calls on DoD to conduct a study assessing access problems in
rural states, and present Congress recommendations for solving this problem.

    > No. 3402 - to express the sense of the Senate that members of the
Armed Forces who receive special pay for duty subject to hostile fire or
imminent danger should receive the same tax treatment as members serving in
combat zones.
    > No. 3403 - to modify the basic allowance for housing for service
members assigned to area or under circumstances that require their families
to reside in another area to receive the housing allowance appropriate for
family's location; and also increases the basic allowance for other certain
   On Monday, 19 June, when it reconvenes at 3:00 pm, the Senate is
expected to continue floor action on S. 2549, although the recalled and
amended bill might be voted on after this posting.