Be Tested for Diabetes

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Congressional Leaders Urge Vietnam Veterans to Be Tested for Diabetes

(EXCERPT) WASHINGTON, Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to a recent
report that found "a possibility of an increased risk" of Type 2
diabetes in Vietnam veterans, leaders of the House VA Committee issued
a call for veterans to seek a routine health care examination for the
disease. Type 2 diabetes, often referred to as "the hidden killer",
affects 16 million Americans. "Veterans who served in Vietnam can
apply for VA health care at any of almost 600 locations throughout the
United States. If diabetes is diagnosed and treated, serious health
complications can be avoided," said VA committee chairman Bob Stump.

Representative Mike Bilirakis, a senior Member of the VA committee and
the chairman of the Commerce Committee's subcommittee on health,
added: "Many veterans who served in Vietnam are not aware that they
can obtain health care from the VA, and that in most cases there wi...

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