"F" Battery 26th Artillery

1) Daniel Herbert

F Btry 26th Arty


F/26th TAB
02 AP 69 - 20 OC 70

Nam Page at; http://www.geocities.com/tnrebelin/DMZ-FO.html

Hello ! Great Site ! I'm looking for anyone that can tell me about unit records... In 1970 the CO of F/26th TAB got a call...an Ass-Chewing-Royal... ....He did NOT like the Arvn at all and made me late to an event with them. Later when he called me to Dong Ha from A-2 he was real polite! I asked the clerk about the change in attitude and he replied inpart, "...I don't know who called him ...but I can tell you this... It was about you...that thing he made you...well he was told he was never to ever do that again...It really shook him up...I could see it in him all that day...like that was all he was thinking about..." The CO NEVER did interfer again... To Include when the Arvn Cmdr at A-2 Contacted him, and then put his Lt(Arvn) on (PRC-25 FM Voice) When the Lt queried the F/26th CO abt me going on his patrol ( Ambush NNW of A-2) , The CO just keyed and stuttered , "...ah...ah...ok" I'm looking for documents..and/or wittnesses to these events. Anyone knowing about them...what I was doing ...or knows how to find/locate such documents.... Note we(F/26thTAB was part of 8/4thFA ..but also under 108thArty Grp???? Who most likely would have contacted him chewed him out???)  Carl L Moore

3)  Terrence C. Davey
F Battery, 26th Artillery, 108th Artillery Group                                  Terry's Pics                          
21Apr68 to 20Jun70

I am the reunion coordinator for C/F Battery, 26th Artillery. We are having a reunion in St. Louis, MO June 15-17, 2001. For more info, send me an e-mail. Check out our website at http://fly.to/f-troop.

4)  Kenneth M. Noll (shorty)
F Btry 26th Arty
july 69-june70

would like to thank all the guys i served with and thank each and everyone of them for helping me get home in one peice. may god be with all the guys who were in nam.


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