Fere's Doctrine Petition

From: "Bruce K. Melson" <doc32751@cookeville.com>
Subject: Re: Fere's Doctrine Petition
Subject: Fere's Doctrine Petition
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 08:09:31 EDT
PLease All veterans go to this site. scroll down find and sign this petition
to repeal the Fere's Doctrine.. for anyone that doesn't know what the Fere's
Doctrine is. it the Doctrine that the US Gov.uses for the Military and the
VA . that keeps and denies Veterans and our military personnel from their
Constitutional and civil rights while dealing with the US Gov.we would love
to see a million vet's sign this ....
Below Explains the Use of the Fere's Doctrine.........
Since December 1950, American servicemembers have been denied "equal
protection" under the United States Constitution as a result of the U.S.
Supreme Court's decision known as the "Feres Doctrine". This law, prohibits
servicemembers with legitimate claims of "intentional torts and medical
malpractice", arising from service to our nation, access to the federal
judiciary to address these type of injuries/injustices. In all, the doctrine
allows for human/constitutional rights violations and corruption within the
United States Armed Forces to go unchecked.

Our goal is to reform the "Feres Doctrine" by educating the American public
of its virtually unknown existance, by initiating a five year, fifty state,
petition drive. Our specific goals include, (1), compelling the U. S.
Congress and President to reform the law to prevent future
human/constitutional rights violations of servicemembers who report fraud,
waste and abuse for the good of the nation, and (2), passage of "special
legislation" to financially compensate servicemembers and/or their surviving
family members, who can prove a bona fide injury/injustice by the
preponderance of the evidence, under the doctrine was denied judicial
review, due to this wrongly decided U.S. Supreme Court decision.

For example, some issues we believe are directly connected to the doctrine's
"incident to service" bar on "intentional torts and medical malpractice"
include, but are not limited to the following: (1) Atomic testing, (2) LSD
testing, (3) Agent Orange, (4), Anthrax vaccines, and (5), human rights
abuses within the military's mental health system to silence and discredit
servicemembers who report fraud, waste and abuse for the good of the nation.
Overall, it is estimated that hundreds of thousands if not millions of
former military personnel, have been denied equal protection under the U.S.
Constitution to protect their careers and liberty interests, due to
malicious "political decisions" of military/civilian leaders in the
Department of Defense, in the wake of the "Feres" decision.

Upon the completion of our Petition drive, its demands and signatures will
be forwarded to the Congress and President of the United States for
appropriate action.