1) Robert Lee Smith
1/40th 108th Bravo
Feb.69 to Nov.69

Came in country at LZSally Hung around the DMZ (Con Thien) More later when I know who you are! Thanks for having this web page. Self Propelled 105's.

2) Robert D. Hickey  U.S. 56408608
HQ Battery 13E20 FDC
March/66 March/67

1st BN 40th Arty activated in Ft. Sill 1966 - Shipped out to Viet Nam Sept. 23, 1966 - Landed at Danang - Convoyed to Dong Ha. - HQ Btry located in cemetary. ALL FOR ONE-ONE FOR ALL Reunion???

3) Jerome Hoff
Btry C, 1st Bn40th Arty FDC

I served in the unit when it was formed at Ft Sill to go to Viet Nam. I was at Dong Ha for the start. I was transferred to a unit that just arrived in the Central Highlands in March.

4)  Al Sandau
Alpha Battery, 1/40th, FDC
August '67-August '68

5)  Al Bohall
A battery  FDC
April 74 thru November 75

6)  Michael [Mike] B. Harniss
B Btry / 1/40 / Supply/FDC
4/66 to 9/67
mbharniss@hotmail .com

7) Ray Coolbaugh
Alpha  battery 1/40th Commo then FDC
Mar 68 - 69


Assigned as switch board operator and was asked to retrain in FDC. about 2 weeks on switch board then the rest of tour in FDC. knew Bob Paoletti, John Revi, Lt Arron.