FO's & Others Attached to Arty


1)  Steve ( Stick ) Stickley
Echo 2/12 USMC
07/66 to 08/67

Served with Echo Battery Second Battalion Twelfth Marines and on the FO teams attached to 2/9 USMC until May of "67". Was at Da Nang, Phu Bai, Dong Ha, Cam Lo, Rock Pile, Con Thien and most places in between. I have been looking for the Army 175's that were attached to 2/12 USMC for a long time to include them on the home pages of 2/12 USMC. 2/12 USMC Home PAges can be found at:

Semper Fi Stick

2)  Bruce M Butler ( BUTT'S )
HHB Div.Arty 23rd Inf. Div.

Started out with HHB 5/4 at Quang tri until they stood down. Then went to the 23rd. Was FO with a I.O.S. squad. Attached to the 196th and 198th L.I.B. Anybody remember the night in Oct. 71 when we found the V.C. underground hospitol?

To Combined Arty Units I Corps Viet Nam

Posted after 5/5

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