Help disabled military retirees

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Go to this web site and sign petition and pass on to friends$2

It will help disabled military retirees

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Sent: Sunday, January 21, 2001 12:37 PM
Subject: Retired Pay Restoration Act of 2001 - - Reminder

> HI !!!!!
> For those that have received and signed the petition, this reminder is not
> for you but would you please pass it out to your lists again...
> Thanks
> REMINDER                       REMINDER                   REMINDER
> The below request to Support Concurrent Receipt for Military retirees was
> sent to over 1,000 e-mail addresses from my address book on Sunday the
> of January 2000.  I asked you all to share it with your friends so they
> could all sign on and share it with their friends.  The petition only asks
for NAME,
> E-MAIL ADDRESS and if you are a VETERAN.

> Let's see what kind of reception we can get !!!!!!!!!
> Dan Pettigrew

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