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Dear Brothers and Sisters of the HCV Community

As most of you know by now, Kevin Donnelly, a Captain in the Army Reserves
left us this August 4th, 2000.  At the time this is being penned, the
exact cause of death is unknown.

Kevin, like most of you who will read this, suffered from the ravages of
Hepatitis C.  He knew all too well the limitations placed upon one's mind
and body by this insidious disease.  Kevin, to his credit, also knew that
the only way the public opinion would change was through education.  He
took up a gauntlet that, while offered to many, was not so readily
accepted.  It is quite one thing to think about what should be and another
to take action.  Kevin chose to take the course of action.

Whatever else may be said of Kevin, he did try as best he knew how.  For
Kevin there was no middle ground - you either helped or you got out of the
way.  Sometimes this led people to dislike Kevin and other times it was
this "maverick" attitude that drew people to him.  Kevin was not always
right but that is as it should be - we are all human.  What can be said,
however, is that Kevin cared enough to stand up and be counted when others
found the comfort of an easy chair more to their liking.  For that alone
he should be remembered.  He was a fighter and gave a voice to many who
were silent far too long.

Sometimes, too, issues became polarized around Kevin and I believe this
was part of that middle ground I spoke of.  He often seemed to feel if you
were not "with" him you were against him...but that was just Kevin and
that was all he knew to be.  Far too often this polarization caused
friction and that friction was never put to rest. 

Perhaps in his passing, Kevin has provided a means whereby that
above-mentioned friction can be laid to rest, as well.  We have a
herculean task before us, Brothers and Sisters, and we need to step up and
take our places.  The time for sitting on the sidelines passed a very long
time ago.  Love him, or hate him, Kevin stood up. 

Rather than continue to fight the old battles about who was right and who
was wrong, let us honor the memory of "one who stood up" but standing
ourselves and picking up the mantle.  Our voices are now beginning to be
heard.  Let them not hear Voices of Discord but a Single Voice of Unity
and Purpose.  President Lincoln spoke of a house divided against itself
not being able to stand.  This fight is not about Kevin or any other one
particular person; it is about each and every one of us - WE are that
house.  I submit to you this day that we need to stand together - not
tomorrow or the day after but now.

The Fight Goes On...are you content with being on the sidelines?

Humbly tendered,

Dave Myers  & Vikki Shaw