JJ Carroll I

30.  1st OP (where I spent my nights the 1st month at Camp Carroll) 


31. Initial gun placement upon arrival....


32.  Azimuth 4600

33.  LT Greg Smith C/2/94 FDO checking the landscape...


34.  Z trenching in C Battery Area

35.  C/2/94 Battery Area (looking south from atop FDC toward Motor Pool)

36.  C/2/94 Battery Area (looking north  toward FDC)

37.  SGT Howell's Gun #1 C/2/94

38.  SGT Howell's Gun #1 (Cong Crusher) and crew

39.  SGT Buckner's Gun #3 C Battery 2/94 sending a message

40.  C Battery 2/94 TOT (Gun #4 nearest in foreground)

41.  Yours truly taking advantage of target practice