Dear Friends

Just a reflection on 9-1-1. Spent the morning at our local Vet Center on Staten Island. The Vet Center overlooks the lower Manhattan skyline. About 40 men and women gathered for a quiet & solemn tribute for those who perished one year ago today, at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. At 10:30 am , I boarded the Staten Island Ferry and took the ride across to the Manhattan., and then back to Staten Island. I took a few photo’s on the ride back and thought I would share them with all of you.

  1. Lady Liberty
  2. 2. New Lower NYC Skyline
  3. Passing Staten Island Ferry
  4. Passing Verrazzano Narrows Bridge
  5. Fly Over Vintage Planes

“ God Bless All Of You & God Bless America.”

See you all at the next reunion where ever it might be….