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   Hi TEAM-=-= Some of you may have gotten on the Agent Orange registry some time back (up to 22 years ago when it started) and the current newsletter is out. There isn't much new news that we already don't know but this would be another source of AO info for Vet Reps on board and good general knowledge for all members of NVOA..


   One thing I spotted was confirmation of Agent Orange being used in Korea, in 1968 and 1969 which was a total of 21,000 gallons sprayed south of the DMZ. Troop occupancy was 40,000 per annum and the DoD, expected a 100% turn over due to rotation, in short, as many as 80,000 Military personnel may have been exposed. The area sprayed was from the civilian control line to just south of the DMZ. Only ROK troops were involved in the actual spaying of AO also.


  There are only 300,000 of us on the registry, if you were in-country or on a boat/ship in the RVN area please consider getting an AO exam, its yours free, and no service connection is required, cuz it's beyond reasonable doubt and presumptive, in the event health problems develop later..


  ON SITE NOW~~ Here is the "Agent Orange Review" web site info, this is the click n' go.. www.va.gov click on Veteran's Benefit's and Services, click on Health Benefits and Services, click on Program's, click on Agent Orange Health Effects and Vietnam Veterans. This VA site features current and back issues of the "Agent Orange Review" newsletter, current issues of the "Agent Orange Brief" fact sheets, and other Agent Orange-related publications.


Ps: Vet Reps might want to book mark the final page to short cut for quick reference...


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