Schwarzenegger Lobbies For Vets


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Subject: Arnold Schwarzenegger to raise awareness of the plight of military veterans
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 07:58:22 -0500
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Saturday August 5 3:50 AM ET

Schwarzenegger Lobbies For Vets


MINNEAPOLIS - Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with his former ``Predator''

co-star-turned-politican to raise awareness of the plight of military



``The veterans are not getting a fair shake,'' Schwarzenegger said on Gov.

Jesse Ventura's live radio show Friday. ``The way the government is taking

care of them is disastrous.''


Schwarzenegger has been friends with Ventura since they taped the movie in

1986. He was joined on the show by wife Maria Shriver and Miss America

Heather French


In his native Austria, Schwarzenegger was a tank driver in the military.


``Here, I was going to say you were the tank,'' quipped Ventura, who is a

former Navy SEAL.