1) Will Myers   Vet Page                                              Will's Pics
  Svc Btry 1/40th
  Oct'68 - Dec '69

19)  Louis A Savarino                                  PLEASE UPDATE YOUR EMAIL
1st Bn 40th Arty Svc Btry (c sec I think)
Jan 1968-Jul 1968                                                                               contact Tom Hanan

We are trying to look up old friends and arn't real great with the internet yet, this is our first attempt, anyone that remembers me please contact my e-mail address.

I haven't heard from anyone for 30 years, and have never seen any links to the 1/40th. Hope we can touch base through this page.

3) Dennis Coble  "REST IN PEACE" 

Viet Nam finally won. On December 21st at 8:50pm the most honorable decent man I will ever know had to leave my life. His injuries in Viet Nam caused  his death. I think he is the only vet on the Radar page at your site. He was only 54 years old and I buried him on our 35th wedding anniversary. I know we are strangers to you but it seems there is an intangible bond among veterans and I felt the need to share my loss with you. Thank you for giving him a chance to look for his friends. The reunion is a nice idea. I wish he could be there.

Sue Coble

1/40th Service Battery Radar Det.

4)  Lynden T. Couvillion                                  Couvi's Pics
SVC Btry 1/40 Arty
April 69-Nov 69

Great site. Couvi

5) Merle E. Butler
Service Btry / Moter Pool

Went over to Viet Nam from Fort Sill. Came pack in Sept. 1967.

6)  Doug Jones
Svc Btry, 1/40th, Dong Ha
Sep 67 - Apr 69

personnel clerk, orders clerk, R&R clerk. I remember Lt. Sweet. Roger T. McLendon, Dave Schwartz, you out there?

7) SP/5 Thomas Simpson
Svc 1bn 40 th arty
july 68-feb 69

8) William P. O'Brien
HHB, S2/S3, SVC Btry 1SG
Aug 67 - Aug 68

If a reunion of the northern I corps arty units is solidified keep me posted.

9) SP/4 Terry M. Priddy                                              Terry's Pics
1/40  Svc. Btry, ammo section
02-69 to 11-69

Anyone remembers me get in touch.

(all for one)