VA Conspires with the Military

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Conspires with the Military to Obstruct VA Claims
Dear Readers,
In the August 28-September 10,
2000 issue of Stars and Stripes ( page
12, article concerning Atomic Veterans). It is reported that the VA
conspired with the Military to obstruct veterans claims.

Quote: "Based on a review of documents declassified by the President's
Advisory Commission on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE), according to
Wellstone (Sen. Paul Wellstone (D MN)), as far back as 1946 VA officials
worked with military and civilian personnel who participated in the Manhatten Project to minimize the possibility
that atomic veteran' and civilian's claims would be approved". Unquote.


According to the Stars and Stripes, Veterans who participated in the
Atmospheric tests were not told of the hazards they faced, and later were
denied access to their medical records on the grounds of "National Security"
( without the medical records, claims were denied ).
Sen. Wellstone has pushed S. 1385, a Bill that would provide greater help to
veterans who were exposed to Radiation.

However, Rep. Bob Stump of the House Veterans Affairs Committee has blocked
all efforts for the same legislation in the House. Rep. Stump has done this
according to the Stars and Stripes because the Clinton administration and
Former VA Secretary Togo West did not support such legislation.
Civilian workers who were exposed to radiation were given help in S. 1515
"The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act Amendments of 2000", which was
signed into law by President Clinton on July 10, 2000. But so far veterans
have not received the same consideration.


The Stars and Stripes reports that in a letter dated April 21, 1998, former
VA Under Secretary for Health Kenneth Kizer supported Sen. Wellstone's Bill
S. 1385 and urged then VA Secretary West   to change the VA's stand against

Kizer stated "I do not think the Department's current position to
S.1385 is defensible".

Contact the Congress and ask that they provide help to Atomic Veterans as
provided in S. 1385. Then ask Rep. Bob Stump, why he does not support it?
Then write the VA and ask them; what right does the VA, which is charged
with helping veterans have to work with the Military to obstruct veterans claims.
The Department of Veterans Affairs did not advise the Military not to expose
the service persons to radiation hazards. Nor did they demand the proper
type of protective equipment. But instead just worked to make sure the
service persons would be used as guinea pigs, and that the United States Government would not have to pay for
the damage done.


It makes one wonder about the truthfulness of statements about "Agent
Orange", "Gulf War Illness". How much does the VA know, and how closely do
they work with the Military in order to use, loss, and dispose of the no
longer useful men and women who serv

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