VietNam Magazine Advertises Nazi Memorabilia

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Hi Everyone

Couldn't sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read my VIETNAM magazine issue earlier and saw and advertisement for Nazi propaganda on pg 61.

I sent off the following email to the editor of VIETNAM  through the History Net website.  It took quite a bit of restraint to leave out the expletives.  I have a link to the Magazine on the website and I'm going to post the letter there too.

Ready to rock and Roll....

Dear Editor

I have been receiving your magazine for over ten years. I also purchase two subscriptions
 for friends. Your inclusion of the "Hammer, Your 3rd Reich Headquarters, pg 61", advetising
 Nazi songs and memorabilia in the August 2001 issue is very offensive to me. I fought in Viet
 Nam and my father fought in WWII.

 Please remove the Hammer advertisement and in the future please maintain your magazine
 free of this type advertisement.

 I will not continue to purchase VIETNAM Magazine with this type of content.


              Will Myers