Vote - Medal of Honor winner Ray Davis

From: "Bruce K. Melson" <>
Subject: Medal of Honor winner Ray Davis
A message asking Americans to Vote from Medal of Honor winner Ray Davis.
Date:  Sat, 23 Sep 2000 03:31:50 -0400
Below is a message from General Ray Davis. Having had the pleasure of
spending some time with General Davis and his fiesty wife Knox I know this
is something that is near and dear to the General's heart. So please read
what he has to say. You all know I try to stay away from politics with these
E Mails. But the General is not telling you how to vote only asking that you
Semper Fi,

A Message From Ray Davis, General
USMC (Ret.) Medal of Honor, Korean War

       It is most urgent that all veterans vote in the coming election! For
this purpose, I include all who have worn our uniforms: active duty,
reserves, guardsmen, retired or discharged.

       Veterans rights are not being honored and the readiness of our armed
forces is being destroyed: strength cut 1 million, 10 divisions cut, 10 air
wings cut, 137 Navy ships cut, training fuel and ammunition cut. Overseas
duty multiplied such that 90,000 reservists and guardsmen have been called
away from jobs and families.

To correct these disastrous trends, please have any editors that you know or
have access to publish something like the following to alert all members:


             Fully half of our Veterans did not vote in the last election.
Freedom cant survive unless the Veterans who paid for it as members of our
armed forces vote to protect it.

    The erosion in the support and influence of Veterans in our National
leadership has brought disaster to important elements in our nation. The
readiness of our armed forces is being destroyed---already the worst in the
past 50 years; the care and support promised our Veterans continues to

    Our Congress has fewer Veterans in its membership after each recent
election. The White House has the least number of Veterans in staff
in our memory. With these conditions, our essential interests will continue
to deteriorate.

    This situation can be reversed in one election. Veterans plus those in
the armed forces with their families and friends could generate 60-80
votes------sufficient to fully reverse the current disastrous trends.

    An all out effort to energize our Veterans and get their active support
is needed. We must all accept the challenge and protect our national
as we did in time of war. We can do no less for those at risk in future wars
and those who paid the price in our past wars.

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